What Are We Looking At?

This is the last weekend for the current exhibits at the Kingston Gallery.

Karen Meninno’s Sculpture Remix, Robert Maloney’s Points of Intersection and Susan Scott’s show Righteous Ordinary are up through April 30.

I was struck on this visit by the desire of all three artists to “push” the materials, stretching expectations of what those materials do and what they signify.  The artists seek to expand and challenge the limitations of their chosen forms. Collectively these artists push the boundaries of sculpture, painting, and photography. The hybridization of disciplines and materials changes our understanding of what has long separated the forms. Constructed paintings, sculptures transformed by photography, collages that become sculptures – by pushing the expectations the artists also expose the process of making.

They (and the work) seem to say: What if I did this?  What if I added that?  What would I see?  What would the viewer see?

A few doors down, the current exhibit Shifiting Horizon, recent work by Lisa Sigal in the neighboring Samson Projects gallery also resonates with this discussion and, like the exhibits at the Kingston Gallery, is not be missed.

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