Theater of the Heart

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see again the current exhibit, Ilona Anderson’s What One Is, which along with Karen Meninno’s exhibit, Sculpture Remix II in the Member’s Gallery, will be up through June 2 at the Kingston Gallery.

 I was drawn again to the many small moments and the repertoire of characters, which inhabit the walls of the installation. As I walked through the literal and figurative space, I was under the spell of the theatricality of the work, and the connection of all the figures to each other. They exist within a frame that is simultaneously interior and exterior, implying both architectural and natural spaces. Who are they?  What story do they tell?  Whose story is it?  What are their secrets?  I look forward to the artist revealing the relationship of these players to each other, to her South African roots, and perhaps how they are a way of visually integrating both the past and her homeland to the present.  She will have the opportunity to do so in the upcoming panel discussion: Where The Heart Lives on the last day of the exhibit.  Please see below for a description of the event.  We look forward to a terrific discussion!

Panel discussion: Where The Heart Lives

Closing event for the exhibit – Ilona Anderson: What One Is

Sunday June 2, 4:00-5:00 pm

Reception to follow

Kingston Gallery is hosting Where the Heart Lives – a special event focused on the theme of visual artists who, like Ilona Anderson, are not working in their country of origin, and how that fact pervades the life and work of the artist. To quote Anderson: “Although I have lived in America for many years now, South Africa permeates my experience. Between these two poles my work dangles.”  This will be a fascinating topic in light of the recent events and national debate around immigration.

A diverse and exciting group of Boston area artists will join Ilona Anderson (South Africa) for this pertinent and fascinating discussion. They include Ambreen Butt (Pakistan), Natasha Bregel (Russia/Israel), Karen Meninno (India/UK), Gupi Ranganathan (India), and Ahmed Abdalla (Egypt).  Deborah Davidson, Kingston Gallery Public Relations Consultant will moderate.  

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