July in the City

This is the last week for the three wonderful exhibits at the Kingston Gallery: Linda Leslie Brown’s Chimeric, Rachel Thern: Curves and Barbara Moody Blonde, which are up through July 28.

While in the gallery yesterday, I noticed how all three shows resonated with each other, especially as one moves through the space from one artist to the next. They rhyme and echo, the gestures of the forms in each leads the eye and the body, and guides the viewer to compare and appreciate these very distinct bodies of work.

We are so pleased that both Brown and Thern have recently been reviewed respectively in the Boston Globe http://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/theater-art/2013/07/16/what-boston-area-art-galleries/QD8enGbaxSnV4Fmudp3dVM/story.html and on the Artscope Blog http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs191/1101530073189/archive/1114171649305.html.

Check out our Facebook page and Kingston Gallery Blog Thinking About Art Out Loud to see the articles as well.

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