August in the City

What a delight to see the new work from the Kingston Gallery Associates, a group of ten artists, juried by the membership to expand the Gallery’s contact with artists and to encourage new art. This is their fourth annual summer exhibit Free Association 2013 at the Kingston Gallery.

The title is apt, as the group embodies a wide range of ideas, processes and materials.  The work, elegantly hung in the space, ranges from figurative and figuration to abstraction, and constructed/ assemblage.

This Sunday, August 11, there will be Artist Talk in the gallery, from 1 – 3 p.m.; the artists will discuss their individual work and the exhibit as a whole. Please join us for the upcoming event!

ImageSome of the artists at the opening, left to right: Rachel Thern, Jeanne Griffin, Bob Maloney, Peggy McClure, in front of work by Rachel Thern, Friday August 2

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