Contemplating All The Members: Gifted


Image: Lynda Schlosberg, In Transition, Acrylic on panel, 30 x 30 inches,2013

Being able to consider the results of my own thinking and response to the book The Gift by Lewis Hyde, by seeing the work currently on exhibit at the Kingston Gallery, is like looking in a mirror.  Although not everyone took the idea to heart and several took the idea literally (there were actual “gifts” for the visitors), the exhibit had a coherence based on this underlying idea of the gift.

As I am reading the book certain passages stay with me; in fact, the author’s words themselves feel like a gift. It has profoundly influenced me, as it has many other artists and writers, since it was first published in 1983.

For me, there is always a thread, an elegance and a synergy that presents itself when curating an exhibit.  For All The Members: Gifted that experience was energized by my own thinking – not only in regards to the art object and its maker, but more broadly about how we as a culture rely on the generosity and grace of others, about the need for the giving and receiving of gifts.

Please join us for the upcoming Curator’s Talk on Sunday, September 22 at noon. It should also be a fascinating to hear from the artists as well, whose work is represented in the exhibit.  Be part of the conversation!


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