We have invited visitors to contribute their notion of what a gift is. Here are some of them:


A gift delights the giver as much as the receiver.

To me a gift means lots of love and thoughtfulness.

I love giving more than getting.

 My favorite gift is the gift of time.

 The response to a prayer

 A gift is poetry exchanged as an object that represents our hopes, dreams and desires.

 Love is what a gift means to me, lots of it put in with the gift, and friendship and happiness.

 A gift means that I am Thought of and loved.

An experience

Every breath

A gift is the 924 Porsche I just found!

Gifts make me happy and thankful.

A gift to me is something that is totally personalized. Anything you receive from an individual can’t be given by anyone else.

 The right gift is one that reflects how much someone knows and loves you

A gift means someone has made a connection with my inner being, and has courageously and generously been willing to symbolize that connection with a physical object.


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