Artscope covers Gail Erwin’s upcoming exhibit


Arcadian Concert, Van Dyke Brown Prints at Kingston Gallery

in Boston, Massachusetts October 30th through December 1st


kingston                      Wine Deep Song by Gail Erwin, Van Dyke Brown.

At first glance, Gail Erwin‘s printmaking, painting and hand papermaking are simply graceful. They are full of inviting forms and textures that instantly capture the eye. Revealed in a deeper look are the intricate perplexities of her works: light, tension, duality and exposure. Erwin combines 21st century digital technology and 19th century photographic techniques, creating new, unpredictable images with an added, haunting dimension. Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing are nineteenth century non-silver alternative photo processes in which an emulsion is painted on a paper or fabric surface, exposed to light and then developed in water. The results are blue-toned and brown-toned, respectfully, and the end product is allure. Erwin explores nature and landscape with the intention of examining the mystery that envelopes them, resulting in Arcadian images of an idealized landscape that captivate the viewer. Of her fascination with nature, Erwin says, “Energy and dissipation, growth and regeneration are the forces that shape the natural world, creating tension and duality. Time, age and memory are reflected in image and process.” Arcadian Concert, Van Dyke Brown Prints will be on view Wednesday, October 30th through Sunday, December 1st at Kingston Gallery, where Erwin has been a member for 14 years. Gail also teaches at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston and has taught at the DeCordova Museum School as well as other community arts centers. She continues to teach classes in her studio at ArtSpace Maynard. A First Friday Opening Reception for Arcadian Concert, Van Dyke Brown Prints will be held Friday, November 1st from 5-8pm.


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