Last week to see January exhibits!


This is the last week to check out the three exhibits at the Kingston Gallery: Luanne E Witkowski: IV, Thoreau inspired landscape collages, Mary Mead: Heads, images started in 2001 when she began making prints, and Susan Alport: Give/Take, a continuation of her intriguing project inspired by the “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde. All three have been received well and complement each other in the spaces of the gallery – something that often happens with the shows here.

Image: Mary Mead, from the “Head” Series, woodcut intaglio monoprint, 30 x 22 inches, 2013.

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  1. sorry I am an artist and I was very interested in your exhibition…..but I struggle to have good transportation to the show. If someone would email complete directions (for the T) it would help a great deal…..I am coming from Brighton. Thanks..

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