Thinking While Looking Ann Wessmann: Memento


Gathered objects, keepsakes

Thinking about Cornelia Parker

Found objects weighted with meaning

Quiet, assertive – nature inserted into architecture

The objects become a notation, a text

Things move imperceptibly

Each articulates a history

Seeing and understanding the work depends on its cadence, the work has an internal rhythm

The palette a result of each object no longer having life

The work is a resurrection, an absolution, a transformation.

What is gathered here? Hair, Seed, Flower, Bone, a Ladder, Stem, Branch, Thorn, Leaf, Pod, Nest, Braided hair

They echo each other, suspended; each held by a thread, each holds on to its own story, each an arrested gesture, an evocation

The work is elegiac, mournful, a hidden text, an implied subtext

The work is set apart and measured

The work is considered and blessed


Image: Ann Wessmann, Enduring Ephemera Series: Installation #2, detail, Mixed media, plant/animal material, hair, Dimensions: variable, 2014.




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