Everything and Nothing

Lynda Schlosberg’s current solo exhibit on view at the Kingston Gallery is a tour de force.

The works are about everything and nothing. All the paintings are inferences of something possibly recognizable, and the mind/eye wants to make sense of the formlessness of the forms:

Swirling water

A galaxy

A riverbed

Sea creatures

The shape of a hurricane

A vortex

They are also very much a demonstration of labor, emphatically made by hand, and evidences of time.

The paintings, on paper or wood supports, seem to be made by looking down and inward (a kind of internal mapping) and the results are dazzling, expanding outward.

The squareness of the supports force the eye to keep moving in the space and to keep looking, trying to resolve the visual field.

They bring to my mind images and ideas associated with the Australian Aboriginal notion of Dreamtime, a place beyond time and space in which the past, present and future exist wholly as one.

All of these thoughts resonate with the notion of Zero Point Field, which is the guiding title of the exhibit.

Zero Point Field runs through July 27.

Image: As Within, So Without, Acrylic on panel, 36 x 36 inches, 2014.


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    I don’t see the image … Maybe post a couple if them as follow ups?

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