A Complement

Electron Madness III Then and Now jpg

In the Center Gallery, guest artist Rhonda Smith’s work complements Stacey Alickman’s exhibit, Humpty Dumpty. Her paintings also move, but in a very different way. The marks swirl across the surface, filling the room with light and energy, but the paint itself does not move. These images, created by marks, are layered and juxtaposed. From a distance they seem almost photographic, and it is through a closer reading that they reveal themselves. The well-curated space allows for each to breathe and be in conversation with its companions. These paintings, which appear to encompass both the vast and the miniscule, remind me of the Powers of Ten film by Charles and Ray Eames, which also expresses an equivalence of the macro and micro. Are we looking at the cosmos or are we looking at particles so small, they are unavailable to the naked eye? Are we looking at ourselves?

The exhibit runs through December 28

Image: Rhonda Smith, Electron Madness lll Then and Now, Oil on panel, 46 x 76 inches, 2014.




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