smallBetween sun and Geography

It is the scale of the works in Kathleen Gerdon Archer’s current exhibit  As Above so Below that is astonishing.

She submerges objects in ice and photographs as it melts; they reveal themselves in uncanny ways.

We are submerged in these spaces, we are inside these spaces, which are overwhelming, stunning.

Although they seem like manipulated images, they are not. Archer sets up the situation and context for “Nature” to divulge itself, an invented world made out of real materials.

The photographs float on the walls, not so much in dialogue, but rather ricocheting off each other.

The images are simultaneously geographical and personal.

We try to see what we are looking at – leaves, rocks, water, ice. It is as if we are examining the world under a gigantic microscope.

We are compelled by what we do not recognize. We are looking at stupendous moments stopped in time.

Go see this wonderful show, the exhibit runs through March 1.

Image: Kathleen Gerdon Archer, Between Sun and Geography, Polypropylene print mounted on 6 mil white Sintra behind 1/8th” plexiglas, 40 x 27 inches, 2014

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