This Saturday: Meet the Artists!


Joan Baldwin and Ellen Solari will be at Kingston Gallery this Saturday, June 18, from 3 to 6 pm.

Feel free to arrive anytime between 3 and 6pm, as no formal talk is scheduled. This is a great opportunity to meet the artists and talk with them without having to negotiate the crowds of First Friday.


Joan Baldwin, Horse Sense, oil on canvas, 33 x 42 inches, 2015.

The Marshes is a solo exhibition by Artist Member Joan Baldwin. The works imaginatively present saltwater marsh scenes, with birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, and fish in their natural habitats. Her vivid imagery reveals a keen eye for detail and composition as well as her background in illustration, and her subjects demonstrate her sense of humor and appreciation for the setting where she draws inspiration, the Nauset marshes at Cape Cod. The resulting imagery incorporates a range of wildlife in surreal scenes that hint at larger narratives.


Ellen Solari, strata, sculptural basket, 8 x 3 x 3 inches, 2015.

Ellen Solari’s solo exhibition, forest primeval, conjures a sense of mystery and at times unease by integrating the functional tradition of basket weaving with the expressive capabilities of sculpture. Her works combine traditional and found materials, such as rusted wire and old rubber tubing, with rushes and small branches. With traditional techniques such as coiling and simple weaving, Solari works the materials so that the texture, color, and materials inform one other. Many of the sculptures continue to hold utilitarian shapes, but they also bend and reach in ways that hint at multiple interpretations and invite paradox.

The two solo exhibitions complement each other, and their evident connection to the outdoors are well-suited to this time of year. You can also catch the lovely Members’ Gallery exhibition, Reconsidered, by Conny Gölz-Schmitt. These exhibitions are on view through Sunday, June 26.


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