All Member Show: Relay

Wessman_Tulip Project #7 jpeg.jpg
From Ann Wessmann (above) to Julie Graham(below)

Julie-Moving On.jpg

From Julie Graham to……..Kingston Gallery brings you an All Member Show : Relay
  1. 1.
    a group of people or animals engaged in a task or activity for a fixed period of time and then replaced by a similar group.
    “the wagons were pulled by relays of horses”
    • a race between teams usually of sprinters or swimmers, each team member in turn covering part of the total distance.
      “a 550-meter relay race”
  2. 2.
    an electrical device, typically incorporating an electromagnet, that is activated by a current or signal in one circuit to open or close another circuit.
  3. 3.
    a device to receive, reinforce, and retransmit a broadcast or program.
    • a message or program transmitted by a relay.
      “a relay of a performance live from the concert hall”
      synonyms broadcast, transmission, showing

      “a live relay of the performance”
verb: relay;
  1. receive and pass on (information or a message).
    “she intended to relay everything she had learned”
    synonyms: pass on, hand on, transfer, repeat, communicate, send, transmit, disseminate, spread, circulate

    “the PA announcer relayed this message to the crowd”
    • broadcast (something) by passing signals received from elsewhere through a transmitting station.
      “the speech was relayed live from the White House”

This group exhibition embodies all of the definitions for the word relay both noun and verb, a circuit opens another closes, information is transmitted….it is a visual conversation created through art. A call and response. To curate the works on view a finished piece by one member artist was passed along, in succession, to another gallery artist who selected a visual response with a work of their own, in turn passing it down the line. A visual community is manifested.  The concept of the exhibition runs in parallel with conversations currently occurring in the wider community about how to move forward in unity and strength through the currently charged political climate. In an effort to offer support to vulnerable populations, Kingston Gallery will donate their share of the proceeds from artwork sales during this exhibition directly to the Boston Medical Center Immigrant & Refugee Health Program. Boston Medical Center Immigrant & Refugee Health Program.

From Susan AlportSusan Alport, _Liz & Fitzgerald Letter_, 35 mm film print, 2016.jpg

To Jennifer MosesMoses_Homage to Musa ll.JPGFrom Jennifer Moses to …..and so on and so on…..January 4-29


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