The art and the technique of Erica Licea-Kane in Over and Over

Erica Licea-Kane, Small Disruptions, 1, 2017, 12” in diameter, pen, burn tool

For my solo exhibition, Over and Over, now up at the Kingston Gallery, I wanted to push myself in ways that I hadn’t before. Aside from exploring large shaped works with the familiar extruded medium, I decided to produce a series of round drawings. These works, 12” in diameter, started with a series of pen line drawings that have decorative patterns based on and dependent upon the grid. The drawing component to these works took about 5 months of working in the evenings to create the repetitive fine lines. These drawings became a meditative task for me as I was not aware of the hours that passed as I worked.

I chose the round shape because I knew that I wanted to burn holes in the center openings. I also knew that I wanted to burn the surfaces as well…….I just wasn’t clear about how at the beginning of the process. As I started the burning process, I realized immediately that I wanted to create patterns on the surface knowing all along that my intention was to defy the preciousness of the original surface. The juxtaposition of both surfaces and their differences were always what I had imagined.

Erica Licea-Kane, Small Disruptions, 2, 2017, 12” in diameter, pen, burn tool

I discovered that using a metal shape guide helped me to create the layers that I wanted. I also learned other ways of shaping and covering with the burn tool that resulted in a sepia surface of many values. Ultimately, I realized that working this way was not that unlike my other work, as it also involves layers of repetition and embedded imagery that you discover upon close inspection.

– Erica Licea-Kane, July 2017

Join us for a closing reception for Over and Over, along with Drawings by Brian Littlefield, and E. Orleans by Joan Baldwin, on Sunday, July 30, 3-5pm.

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