Like a moth to a flame…

By Laurel McMechan

Our installation team curated the exhibition heated to unite the space through a system of chromatic hot spots. As you enter the gallery, the crisp lemon yellows, intense oranges and pinks connect across your view. Like a moth to a flame, Rachel Sevanich’s painting Circus Act I pulls you into the farthest gallery.

heated, Installation view. Photo by Tatiana Flis

The formal elements of line and pattern undergird the rambunctious color of the exhibition. Swirling lines from Rachel Thern’s paintings, the cast shadows of Rachel Mello’s wire drawings and stitched threads adorning On-Keong Syeong’s paintings echo the fragile stilted legs of Tatiana Flis’s delicate sculptures.

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Like a patch of shade to rest in, the middle and rear gallery spaces swim with earth tones, calmly smoldering like the intense red of fresh cherry juice staining your hands and the effervescent green of ripe watermelon rind. Nat Martin’s black and white photographs remind you of the inky void after the fire has gone out and winter’s chill before the spring blooms again.

Nat Martin, Landscape #3, archival inkjet print, 2017

heated is on view through August 27, with a Closing Reception from 12 – 3pm. Included in this exhibition are Kingston artists Jamie Bowman, Tatiana Flis, Jane Lincoln, Nat Martin, Laurel McMechan, Rachel Mello, On-Kyeong Seong, Rachel Sevanich, Rachel Thern, and Anne Sargent Walker.

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