A different way to experience art

GoelzSchmitt_InstallatonView_01_smThis Sunday, April 22nd, from 10:30-11:30am you will have the opportunity to see art in a new way with Exercises for the Quiet Eye (EQE), a guided gallery experience for artists and visitors with Annie VF Storr, Faculty, Brandeis University. As a complement to the exhibition More Questions than Answers, mixed-media works by Conny Goelz-Schmitt, Storr will lead participants in a series of exercises emphasizing experiences of art that encourage patient reflection, appreciation, and an attempt to avoid the rush to understand, or determine a set interpretation for what we see.

“Works of art engage us, through senses, through intellect and through emotion, in rich, complex, rewarding, and inconclusive ways. In the moment, they can suspend us in time, fully open and aware. That experience in itself is precious and rare. It has been called “the transcendent moment” however long it lasts.” EQE aims to cultivate this experience of suspended consciousness, and to give viewers habits of practice to reach it in their personal encounters with art. Let this be your introduction to a new way of viewing art, and take it with you on future visits to galleries and museums.

goelzschmitt_upintheair_sm.jpgConny Goelz Schmitt: More Questions than Answers is on view in the Kingston Main and Center Galleries, and On-Kyeong Seong: Displacement is on view in the Kingston Project Space through April 29, 2018.

See a review of More Questions than Answers in Delicious Line:

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