TEN: Kingston Associates: Entangle


TEN: Kingston Associates: Entangle features the work of the gallery’s associate members, where the artwork explores what it means to ‘entangle’ through many different mediums.

This exhibition features bold, colorful works and more contemplative, quiet pieces. However, each of the works included explores the relationship between the material object and the ephemeral idea. In a review of the exhibition, Jacob Cutler from Artscope magazine says of the theme and show, ‘Viewers are encouraged to ponder how both they and the artist react to the same ideas and feelings contained or transmitted by a work of art.’ Whether one is transported back in time to a memory evoked from the work of art or intellectually engaged with the technique or idea presented in a particular work, it is that entanglement between the viewer and artist that is so successful as one views this exhibition. Artists included in this exhibition: Jamie Bowman, Steven Cabral, Anthony Falcetta, Tatiana Flis, Jane Lincoln, Brian Littlefield, Rachel Mello, Rachel Sevanich, Rachel Thern, and Anne Sargent Walker.

TEN: Kingston Associates: Entangle is on view in the Kingston Main and Center Galleries, and Kingston Project Space through August 12, 2018.

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