Meet Emily Brodrick: Kingston’s 2018 Emerging Artist


What is different or specific to your practice or creation of this work?
During and post college, for four years I created my pieces solely with fiber. Gradually over the past year or so I have shifted to using other traditionally considered craft media such as cut paper and ceramics but because of the history of my practice, I think my work will forever reference textiles in some way. Because the historical link between fiber and women, this gives my work a feminine energy that is essential to the way I make and think about my art, and the way it is seen by others as well.

How did you begin working on this body of work? What are your inspirations?
Back in June I headed up to Haystack to take a ceramics workshop and when I came back I began to respond to the organic forms that I was in contact with every day. Seaweed, leaves, fungi and other shapes started creeping their way into my visual language. I began to produce small collections – of both materials and objects – and thinking about what we choose to pick up not only physically, but also in our memory, when we are outside and in nature. This series is a continuation of a concept I have been working with since last summer of bringing the outside in.


How do you want your audience to feel after viewing your work?
Since I began showing in college, a constant in my work has been the question what is craft and what is art? As I mentioned, I use historically considered craft media to create my work so this is something that I think about often. There is a lack of respect for crafts in our culture that is rooted in class inequality so with my work, I ask viewers to question their personal beliefs when it comes to how they define craft vs. art.

To see more of Emily’s work please see her website:


To learn more about the Kingston Emerging Artist program please see the link below:

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