Luanne E Witkowski and Denise Marika: STRATA


Gallery member Luanne E Witkowski and artist Denise Marika present a collaborative work titled ‘Strata’ in an exhibition which highlights the cyclical nature of time and power relationships, while highlighting the interactions between humans and the environment. Included also in this exhibition are a series of works titled ‘Grounded’ which are constructed out of clay, sand, shell, wood, plastics, resins, and pigments by Luanne E Witkowski. These abstract non-traditional works are textural and reminiscent of natural landscapes which entice viewers to consider the ephemeral and physical, the present and past, and the physical and virtual.

Artist Denise Marika created the video works, including the installation ‘Gated’. This video installation addresses the restrictions on humans and animals through such devices as gates and fences, which intersect and interupt the natural landscape. The painted, crumpled paper works resemble topographic maps while the video was shot on the border of Nepal and China/Tibet. Marika’s studio assistant Tom Fahey, an experimental musician and multimedia artist, worked with Marika on these works as a technical assistant and sound designer.

The exhibition and installation piece, Strata, came about through the long-time friendship between Witkowski and Marika, and represents their first fully collaborative work. Sadly, Marika passed away in early July after a long illness. On September 22, Luanne E Witkowski and Marika’s studio assistant Tom Fahey will be doing an artists’ discussion at 3:00pm at the Kingston Gallery.

More information on this exhibition can be found in the Boston Globe in a review by Cate McQuaid and on the Kingston Gallery website. Luanne E Witkowski was also recently featured in the Boston Voyager online magazine.

Luanne E Witkowski and Denise Marika: STRATA is on view in the Kingston Main and Center Galleries and Steven Cabral: Seeking Balance is on view in the Kingston Project Space through September 30, 2018.

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