Steven Cabral: Seeking Balance


In this work for the exhibition Seeking Balance, artist Steven Cabral challenged himself to learn how to stay still and work delicately with a smaller surface. He is interested in breaking free from his earlier works, which were distinctly geometric, to create a series of paintings which are more organic with only a hint of geometry. This approach of getting out of one’s comfort zone allowed Cabral to enter a hyper-meditative state of mind resulting in the ability to simplify his practice and focus on two elements, line and a limited color palette.

Cabral says of this work, ‘I want the audience to be open when approaching and viewing the work. The body of work is quiet and minimalistic; however, perhaps that’s what the world needs right now. Something simple and quiet. As we become more connected to the internet and with each other, sometimes our brains need a break and simply disconnect. It’s easy to get lost and distracted by the noise. This show allows the viewer to look deeper into the work and find the simple beauty in the interplay of the fine oil filled lines and the deep layers and smooth wax surface.’

For more information on this exhibition please see the Kingston Gallery website.

Luanne E Witkowski and Denise Marika: STRATA is on view in the Kingston Main and Center Galleries and Steven Cabral: Seeking Balance is on view in the Kingston Project Space through September 30, 2018.

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Kingston Gallery

Kingston Gallery features contemporary art by New England artists specializing in a diverse range of media including painting, photography, sculpture, and installation. The 30+ Kingston artists exhibit in our three on-site gallery spaces; the Main Gallery, Center Gallery, and Kingston Project Space. Kingston is an artist-run gallery space incorporated in 1982 and supporting a schedule of 22 shows per calendar year plus several special events and group shows. Kingston Gallery takes its name from its original location on Kingston Street near Boston's Chinatown. In the mid-1990s, the gallery was one of the very first to relocate to Thayer Street, anchoring what has since developed into the vibrant SoWa Arts District of Boston's historic South End.

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