Rose Olson & Elizabeth Olson: CURVE/STRAIGHT

by Emily Brodrick


Currently on view in the Kingston Project Space is a two-person exhibition on the duality of curvilinear and uniform line. In CURVE/STRAIGHT Rose Olson’s minimal, colorist paintings are dominated by hard, overlapping edges, whereas her granddaughter Elizabeth’s photographs embody the organic edges of natural forms.

EOlson_Phoenicia_sm.jpgWhere their works overlap is in their sense of color. According to Rose, Elizabeth has been painting and drawing from nature since a very young age and her interest in color stems from this lifelong fascination. Rose states that her love of color also began during her own childhood. Growing up in the Boston’s South End she remembers walking down to the Public Garden and noticing the way the light hit the surface of the water and ‘it would sparkle like diamonds.’ She would note how at different times of day, different colors would appear and disappear.

Her fascination with the changing of light throughout the day is something Rose translates into her work. Her painting process, which starts out with sanding and sealing her wooden panels to protect their unique grain, is comprised of painting numerous layers of watered down, nearly translucent acrylic paint. It is important for her that viewers see her works at different times of day – in various lighting – to see the depth of that layering of paint and how the colors change.

When asked about why she and her granddaughter like to show together, Rose responded that although everyone in her family needs to make a living through various careers, everyone in her family is also an artist, emphasizing ‘what Elizabeth makes with her camera is extraordinary – she has to do it just as much as she has to do anything else.’ Art is part of who they are as a family Rose says and she hopes to one day show with Elizabeth’s son as well.

On view through December 30, 2018:
Rose Olson & Elizabeth Olson: CURVE/STRAIGHT, in the Kingston Project Space
Joan Baldwin: Unkempt Gardens, in the Kingston Main Gallery
Chris Maliga: Lamenting Echo, in the Center Gallery

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