A Studio Visit with Jane Lincoln


Kingston Gallery Associate member Jane Lincoln wanted a north lit studio with an attached office. Today she has such a space in Falmouth, MA, where she has created the works now included in the associate member’s exhibition, Kingston Associates: Pushing Forward, on view at the Kingston Gallery. Lincoln joined as an associate member to be part of a young, energetic group of artists, who challenge each other to create meaningful work. She sees the group exhibition as a challenge to work on a common theme which makes her ‘do something different.’

Lincoln has created many series of paintings; previously exhibited at the Kingston Gallery were her abstract line drawings which were part of the exhibition Ten Kingston Associates: Entangle. The artwork for the current exhibition is a departure from this work and takes on a political edge. She began this new series by hammering dowels through black paper, when the sound reminded her of gunshots. Lincoln then did research on the many mass shootings in this country, particularly focusing on the tragedy of Sandy Hook, to design the grid like patterns of her work, which reflect the individuals lives lost and the paths of the shooters.


This new work is an exciting addition to an already impressive career for Jane Lincoln. She identifies herself as a colorist, influenced primarily by the theories of Joseph Albers, but has developed a very contemporary approach to her practice.  Her new work, with that of the other associate members, is currently on view at the Kingston Gallery.

Kingston Associates: Pushing Forward is on view at the Kingston Gallery through January 27, 2019.

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