New Works by Emerging Artist Emily Brodrick


Currently on view in our Center Gallery is What we Choose to Keep by Emily Brodrick. This work is a series of paper installations and sculptures in which the paper was first painted with vibrant acrylics, sometimes front and back, and then geometric and organic patterns were cut out by hand to reflect on childhood memories, evoking the past, both recent and distant.


When asked about how she wanted viewers to respond to the work and what inspired it, Brodrick says, “For my show at Kingston, my main focus was creating an environment rich in color, texture and movement. A space that feels alive on some level – magical or fantastical perhaps even. It feels urgent at this time of year, especially, to have a place that emanates life and warmth. I want viewers to take that with them… I wanted to make work that brings the outside in, both in terms literally bringing plants inside but also bringing rurality into an urban setting and share that with urban dwellers.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 6.31.53 PMIn November of 2018, Brodrick created Collective Growth at Facebook Boston in Kendall Sq., Cambridge. The piece is a mural, comprised of 270 cut paper flowers, pasted onto of a painted background that was a reference to elements including earth, water and air. The installation, which encompasses two 20 x 8ft+ hallway walls, is about the ways in which social media connects individuals and communities and helps them to develop collectively because of it. Collective Growth is a permanent installation at Facebook’s 100 Binney St. offices in Cambridge, MA.

Brodrick also has work currently on view at the Google offices of Cambridge. This show has many earlier works and includes Reclaimed, a grouping of pompoms made from fiber, wire, plastic bags, tape and other up cycled materials and a series of larger than life crocheted flower sculptures titled Watch Me Bloom. This work will be on view for at least the next 5 months.

Hilary Tolan: Emerge is on view in the Kingston Main Gallery, Emily Brodrick: What We Choose to Keep in the Center Gallery and Elif Soyer: Daily is on view in the Kingston Project Space through February 24, 2019.

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