Kingston Gallery’s Newest Members

Kingston Gallery is very excited to welcome and introduce our newest members Stacey Cushner, Bonnie Donahue, Jeesoo Lee, and Vaughn Sills. Each of these artists were selected from a large pool of exceptional applicants and bring a high quality of diverse artwork to the gallery. Please see below for a brief introduction:

10 Oneiric Temprament 2Cushner, Stacey, Oneiric Temperament 2, color pencil on paper, 30″ x 40″, 2018.

Stacey Cushner has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Her drawings and sculptural installations depict the grandeur of nature and invite the viewer to look with wonder. Trees, forests and flowers are iconic and an endless font of inspiration in her pieces. Cushner says of her work, “In these drawings, I locate different textures and emphasize the shapes of trees and differing values in blue pencil and graphite to speak to their sturdiness and the capacity to withstand these times. They’re a metaphor for life.”

09_Bridge_to_nowhereDonahue, Bonnie, A Bridge to Nowhere(drone footage), documenting the trail of the Cold War Iron Curtain which is now a 12,000 km long greenspace, 2018.

Bonnie Donohue creates works of art in and about areas of conflict both nationally and internationally. She has documented militarized zones in Northern Ireland, South Africa, and most recently, Puerto Rico. These projects involve photography, personal interviews with people who lived through the transitions, and intensive archive research on the conditions that formed the militarized spaces. She is currently beginning two new projects. One is to examine and document the trail of the Iron Curtain in Europe and the other documents the American South by working with specific sites and monuments.


12_leejeesooLee, Jeesoo, A form of learning, mixed media on glazed clay, 13″(H) x 16″(W) x 4″(D), 2018.

Jeesoo Lee creates mixed media works on paper, canvas, wood and clay. Her work explores redefining psychological states of being through the physicality of these materials. She says of her work, “I enjoy manipulating contrasting mediums to create and explore tensions between abstract painting and contemporary practices.” She has exhibited extensively in New York and nationally including galleries in San Francisco and Covallis, OR.

A Room of Her OwnSills, Vaughn, A Room of Her Own, from True Poem Flee, 2010.

Vaughn Sills is a photographer who explores the natural world and our connections to it. She lives and works between Cambridge, MA, and Prince Edward Island, Canada. In her project titled, True Poems Flee, Sills creates a type of visual memoir dealing with the experience of grieving her mother and the connections found with her in this site. In discussing this project, she asks and says, “where exactly is that horizon? And since we can never get there, how can we get to the beyond? Perhaps that is what these photographs are about – they help me get to what lies beyond.”

Jennifer Moses: Ghost not Ghost is on view in Kingston’s Main and Center Galleries and Chantal Zakari: Cogent Message is on view in the Kingston Project Space through March 31st.


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