Julie S Graham: Unexpected Places


The current exhibition in the Center Gallery and Project Space at the Kingston Gallery, curated by gallery members Mira Cantor and Chantal Zakari, celebrates the life and work of the talented and celebrated artist, Julie S Graham. Graham’s work was inspired by her travels, wherever she went. Locally or internationally, she saw unexpected juxtapositions between spaces and things, nature and the man-made, each trying to fit together in odd combinations and special configurations. Graham had her eye on oddities, strange places, and the leftover cultures that were behind walls of memories of what had been. She built her work step by step like an architect piecing together a structure in relief, in painting or as a sculpture and this posthumous exhibition showcases her mixed-media creations to their fullest. Trained as a painter, Graham’s practice also incorporated photography, a medium which she used to explore the geometry that architecture imposes on nature.

On April 13th, the gallery hosted a gallery talk with Gerry Bergstein, Professor Emeritus, and Allison Gray, Post-Baccalaureate, MFA student and Graham’s Teaching Assistant, both of whom were colleagues of Graham from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. The event was attended by many friends, colleagues, collectors and lovers of Graham’s work and stories of her life, teaching and artwork were shared. Co-curator Mira Cantor, a Kingston member and friend, says, ‘Thanks to all who came to the talk. As curator with Chantal it was interesting to show some of Julie’s work which was not shown before and which she had so much fun doing.’ There are a few more days to see this exhibition and get to know the work of such an engaging artist, with the exhibition closing April 28th.


Originally from Elmira NY, Julie S Graham lived and showed her work in Boston for most of her life. She participated in the Boston arts community on many levels, as an educator and a practicing artist. She was on the painting faculty at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts since 1991, has taught at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, and the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, Cambridge, as well as at numerous international venues. Graham led a critique group at the Maud Morgan Arts Center and served on the board of the Brookline Center for the Arts, was on the jury of Cambridge Public Arts Commission, and was the Visual Arts Editor of the Harvard Review. Graham’s work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions at venues such as Kingston Gallery, Chase Gallery, and Victoria Munroe Fine Art. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Los Angeles, and Frederieke Taylor Gallery in New York, NY, among others. In 2007, her work was featured at the Kinkead Contemporary Gallery booth at Aqua Art Miami art fair. In 1988 she joined the Portia Harcus Gallery and in 2013 she joined Kingston Gallery where she was an active member and instrumental in gallery programming. In 2018 Julie S Graham was the recipient of the Berliner Award from the Brookline Arts Center in recognition of her contributions to art.

Jamal Thorne: Timestream Muckery is on view in the Kingston Main Gallery, and Julie S. Graham: Unexpected Places is on view in the Kingston Project Space through April 28, 2019.

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