Kingston Gallery is on Artsy


Kingston Gallery is excited to be partnering with Artsy, the online platform.  Now, our artists at Kington Gallery can connect with more viewers and more collectors upon uploading their works to the Artsy website.  And in a world of COVID-19, this has not come at a better time for our gallery!  All that the viewer needs to do is to click on, log in and search with the words “Kingston Gallery” to see the fabulous works of our artists and what works are for sale.  Viewers who log-in can stay up to date with our gallery shows and our online Artsy shows too. Make sure you follow the gallery by clicking on the “FOLLOW” button to get alerted of new artworks as they are added. Also, check out the work included in our current exhibition by artist Erica Licea-Kane: Half Spaces.


When browsing through the Kingston Gallery works, Artsy allows you to access specific information about each artwork.  Information about the size of the work, the materials, the year the work was made, and the signature details, among other things, are on the site.  Inquiries can be made immediately with clicking on either “BUY NOW” or “MAKE AN OFFER.”  The “BUY NOW” option allows a purchaser to buy the artwork immediately, while the “MAKE AN OFFER” allows the purchaser to negotiate the purchase price.  We promise to get back to you promptly with a response.

Artsy offers quite a lot of interesting information on the art world in general – viewers can see work from galleries around the world, the latest art news, articles ranging from art criticism to art book reviews and so much more. It’s amazing! Keep returning to the Kingston Gallery Artsy site to see more work as we are continually uploading more artists and their work.

Due to COVID-19: The gallery will be open by appointment only. Please contact the gallery at for an appointment. Stay tuned for ongoing updates on our schedule.

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