Re/Sounding Text


Joining Susan Alport is 2014 MFA/ Emerging Artist, Eugene LaRochelle, with his exhibit I Love You in the Center Gallery. As you follow the suite of silkscreen prints around the room, a crescendo builds with the repetition of the phrase “There are no gay people in Korea”. The text not only becomes image but also sound, a litany, a chorus, both inviting and implicating the viewer as she works her way around the gallery space. As it builds in density, the text becomes less clear but more implicit. The artist wants to have a dialogue with the viewer and for the work to engender that conversation.

LaRochelle invites the audience to see and hear his concerns about pain as a universal theme. He aims to create work that frames and provides a window into conversations on pain and conflict, allowing the observer to eavesdrop and gain an intimate, even invasive view of the private lives, quarrels and suffering of others.

This is the last week for the three October exhibits – work by Eugene LaRochelle, Susan Alport and Elif Soyer, which run through November 2.

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Image: Eugene LaRochelle, Denial #1, Silkscreen Print, 22 x 14.75 inches, 2014.

Kingston Gallery Emerging Artist Program Welcomes Eugene LaRochelle

From the series, “What Choice Do I Have?” Now, Digital Print, 42.5 x 31”, 2011–2013
Eugene LaRochelle — from the series, “What Choice Do I Have?”
Now, Digital Print, 42.5 x 31”, 2011–2013

Since 2005 Kingston Gallery’s Emerging Artist program has offered recent MFA graduates the opportunity to be part of an artist-run gallery for a year, without the financial contribution such memberships usually require. Emerging artists get the experience of being part of a gallery, fulfilling all the aspects of membership, including gallery sitting, monthly member meetings, and inclusion in group shows, and are rewarded with a one-person show in our Center Gallery at the end of their tenure. The gallery benefits from the diversity that a younger, recent graduate brings to the mix, and welcomes their energy to the running of the gallery.

The first two Emerging Artist members, Hilary Tolan and Sophia Ainslie, have gone on to become long-time Kingston members. Other Emerging Artist members have included Christopher Kane Taylor, Brian Corey, Stephanie Cardon, Ingrid De Aguiar Sanchez and Celine Browning.

This year we welcome Eugene LaRochelle as our newest Emerging Artist member. Eugene is a recent MFA graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

— Mary Lang