Celine Browning: Skinned


Celine Browning works with the intricate intimacies of the quotidian. Using the remains of everyday objects, her sculptures and photographs speak to fragility and vulnerability,. Her current show, Skinned, at the Kingston Gallery, reconsiders and reframes these objects.  In the images of apples which have been cut and then reassembled she alludes to our hubris, thinking we could repair something that is, in fact, already decaying.

In works like Something of Ours (II) she literally strips away articles of clothing from their support – challenging the viewer to imagine them whole and repaired as well.  Her work reminds me of some of Zoe Leonard’s early projects – especially those where the artist reassembles fruits and vegetables with sutures and zippers.  Celine’s work offers us a window into our own vulnerability, our own humanity, and ourselves.

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  1. Amelia says:

    I cannot thank you enough for the blog. Will read on…

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