Christina Pitsch Experiments with Ceramics at the European Ceramic Workcentre.

Interior of Christina's studio at her residency.
Interior of Christina’s studio at her residency.
A view of the glaze lab.

Christina Pitsch is an Artist-in-Residence at the European Ceramic Workcentre, in Oisterwijk, Netherlands, from from September 9 through December 2, 2015. She sent a few snapshots of the Centre, her studio, and her practice, as she experiments with new methods, soaking up as much technical knowledge as possible. 

As she recently relayed, “I have a lovely studio with a fair amount of playful chaos occurring right now” She is taking this opportunity to shake up her practice, trying new methods and approaches.

Experimenting with terracotta.

As those who viewed her solo exhibition at Kingston Gallery this past summer, Fancied, may recognize, porcelain is one of Pitsch’s dominant mediums. In addition to working with other types of clay, she is also doing tests and looking for a new porcelain clay body to work with in the future. I’m sure she’ll see finished works come of her time there, but for now, here are some images of the spaces where she’s working, and a few process shots.

Beautiful blue pigment going into some of her glaze tests
Kiln room and clay mixing area.
Testing six new recipes of porcelain, including some lovely Limoges recipes.
Testing six new recipes of porcelain, including some lovely Limoges recipes.

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  1. Kathy archer says:

    Congratulations to Christina. What a bright and spacious work place. We will all be interested to see what comes of her experience.

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