The Generosity of Drawings

shon Macdonald orange interference 2016
Shona Macdonald, Orange Interference, silverpoint on prepared paper, 2016

I have always been partial to drawings because they feel personal and open, able to freely share information about how they came to be. It is as though paintings, sculptures, and videos are rehearsed speeches, and drawings are one-on-one conversations over drinks.

jeff hull
Jeff Hull, Ink Series, ink on paper. (See more of Jeff’s work at Hallspace in Dorchester, MA in July 2016.)

Some of these conversations are hushed and secretive, while others are peppered with laughter and banter. Sometimes the drink is water, in other cases it is coffee, and every now and then, it is a heady glass of champagne. You get the idea.

Through July 31, Kington hosts a group exhibition, From Atmosphere to Edge, which brings together drawings done in a range of styles. Curated by member artist Jennifer Moses, the show includes work work by Helen Beckman, Rick Fox, Nona Hershey, Craig Hood, Jeff Hull, Shona Macdonald, and Leslie Roberts. Moses sought drawings that respond to traditional drawing materials and present a spectrum of artists’ touches. She also waxed metaphorical about drawings in her statement:

Atmospheric or hard-edged, conceptual or concrete, the works range from delicate silverpoint and pencil drawings to bold charcoal and gouache. It is the directness of drawing and the unique light of paper that interests me—if painting is flesh, drawing is bone.

Nona Hershey, Scanning, charcoal and gouache on paper.

Earlier this year, I reviewed the exhibition Drawing Redefined at the Decordova Sculpture Park + Museum on the online arts magazine, Big Red & Shiny. The show included sculptures and sought to expand the consideration of drawing beyond lines drawn on a flat surface. It also prompted questions about the utility of categorizing artwork in the 21st century. Many of the sculptures in the exhibition had a similar open quality that I associate with drawings. From Atmosphere to Edge, although focusing on two-dimensional work, presents a similar spirit of exploration with the ranges it presents: whether line weight, narrative, and composition, each artist delves in a unique direction. Some of the art seems to have been prized from the secretive sketchbook pages of a talented scribbler, and others seduce us with a soft and thorough finish.

With such a delightful range of approaches comes a celebration of diversity, and more than usual, the gallery feels like a dynamic conversation among opinionated friends (kind of like a members’ meeting!) Visit through Sunday, July 31 to see what I mean.

Learn more about the artists in From Atmosphere to Edge:

Leslie Roberts Artists 800 pixels
Leslie Roberts, Artists, gouache on paper mounted to panel

Press release and exhibition webpage 

Artist websites and Instagram accounts:

Helen Beckman:

Rick Fox:

Nona Hershey:

Craig Hood:

Jeff Hull:

Shona Macdonald:

Leslie Roberts:



  1. JeffreyHull says:

    More drawing less snoring Makes perfect sense to have Artists to curate Artists …..bravo to Jennifer Moses great job really glad to be part of this

  2. Jennifer Moses says:

    Thanks Shana

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