Barbara Moody is known for her tremendous versatility and virtuosity, often presenting very different work for each of her exhibits. In her current show at Kingston Gallery several compelling groups of work contribute to the whole. For me, the most intriguing is the group of four paintings titled Inside/Outside. Each has a swath of terrifically strange color, informed by the layers underneath and by the adjacent passages of paint.

Moody talks about the instability of everything and that the work here is informed by this idea; nothing is held in place and danger lurks everywhere at anytime. But Inside/Outside is contained, held by the internal geometry and the limits of the rectangular support. The other works, especially the wall of small paintings in the Center Gallery, expand beyond the frame (either by inference or actually) and are not to be tamed or contained. The central passage of each in the Inside/Outside series is singular in color: pink, several yellows, green; each one holds its respective center and draws us in. A tour de force indeed.

The exhibit runs through June 29.

Image: Inside/Outside, gallery view



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  1. Barbara Moody says:

    Thank you, Deborah! I love what you wrote! Some friends came in and each bought one from this series. Barbara.

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