All about E. Orleans by Joan Baldwin


“The space in Kingston Members’ Gallery is just the right size, where the viewer is in the middle of the terrariums which are on the walls and the installation, Too Many Babies which is all around the room. The viewer is surrounded by my impressions of the E. Orleans walking paths along Pleasant Bay. I’ve included the beauty of the area as well as the unfamiliarity and deterioration. While walking on the paths, it is routine that I come across dead and deteriorating animals, but it seems part of the reality of the marshes and natural. The paintings in the terrariums are preserved at a certain time in their existence but the cocoons and moths in the installation are more in the present, very much alive and growing, with life in the future. The mother moth in the installation, Too Many Babies can only watch as the babies are behaving instinctively, investigating and flying all over. There’s no use trying to keep them in line.


“The procedure of making the terrariums involved a series of steps. I painted the backgrounds with oil on Masonite and then incorporated found objects. The natural objects are from the area near the water at Pleasant Bay. In the installation I used fabrics as well as hair and hair accessories. The cocoon attached to the stick and some of the baby moths are moving with the air currents in the room, giving them a special effect. In order to put the show together, I relied on skills that I’ve used in the past, which are sewing, window display design and of course painting. I had to imagine how the entire show would look and feel when installed in the members’ gallery, since my studio is a much larger and different space.”

Joan Baldwin, July 2017

The exhibition E. Orleans is on view in the Kingston Members’ Gallery through July 30, 2017.

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